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There Are No Strangers in the Pub; Only Friends, Food & Drinks You haven’t Yet Met. There's a lot going on.


The Green Harp

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Why we call our pub the green harp? Because a unique pub name cannot contain more Ireland. In 1531 when Henry VIII assumed the position of King of Ireland, he declared the harp as the national symbol.  The instrument  became also a symbol of resistance to the Crown.   Green has long been associated with Ireland and dates back to the Revolution of 1789. Since then it has been the undisputed national colour.   Today, green no longer has a rebellious meaning, but peacefully connects people all over the country and creates identification. Ireland is still called the Green Isle.

Customers voice

"An Irish pub like in the movies. Good beer - an owner with heart and blood. Great experience. This was not the last time!"

We also offer food. For the small and for the big appetite. What would you like to have?


«A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved and a joy shared is a joy doubled.» All important sporting events are broadcast live on television with us. 

Imagine you are sitting comfortably with friends in your living room and a singer songwriter is playing his best songs live in front of you. That's more or less how it happens here.

Image by Jacek Dylag
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