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A small green
island surrounded by impressive mountains

The Green Harp

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Why we call our pub the green harp? Because a unique pub name cannot contain more Ireland. In 1531 when Henry VIII assumed the position of King of Ireland, he declared the harp as the national symbol.  The instrument  became also a symbol of resistance to the Crown.   Green has long been associated with Ireland and dates back to the Revolution of 1789. Since then it has been the undisputed national colour.   Today, green no longer has a rebellious meaning, but peacefully connects people all over the country and creates identification. Ireland is still called the Green Isle.


Start mit dem «Sauvage Pub» im alten Dancing des Parkhotel du Sauvage in Meiringen.



Corona-Lockdown: «...Restaurants sowie Freizeit-, Sport- und Kultur-einrichtungen geschlossen.»


Parkhotel du Sauvage

Our home
is our castle

In the centre of Meiringen, surrounded by a beautiful park, this Art Nouveau Parkhotel du Sauvage dating from 1880 offers panoramic views of the Bernese Alps. The cable cars and Meiringen railway station are nearby. In the basement of the former lodgings of the Sherlock Holmes inventor and writer, you will find the only real Irish pub.

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